Modern e-learning education

We offer occupational safety and health training in the form of e-learning from professionals with many years of experience. E-learning education is created and operated according to legislative requirements and is approved by the National Labour Inspectorate of the Slovak Republic. Our e-learning is a guarantee of effective education with interesting content.


  • Economical, faster, more engaging, more targeted and more effective way of education
  • Invitation in the form of generated e-mail
  • Instructive demonstrations through text, images, animations and videos
  • Easy and fast access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Possibility of dividing the training into several parts according to the individual needs of an employee
  • Verification of knowledge in the form of a test
  • The training can be completed in Slovak and English
  • Link to  applicable legislation
  • Clarity of the OSH education system in the company
  • Monitoring the periodicity of repeated trainings and reminders via the Call Centre
  • Sending of a record of the training's successful completion to the employee 's e-mail

Technical requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Audio
  • Adobe flash player
  • PDF reader

Our e-learning training provides

  • Logical sequence of the training by chapters
  • Using effective tools of instructive demonstrations such as video, animations, images and combination of audio and textual interpretation 
  • Final verification of knowledge by a test
  • Generating a record of successful completion of the training