OSH and FP

We are constantly evolving and comprehensively addressing legislative requirements for employers in the areas of occupational safety and health (OSH) and fire protection (FP). You can rely on a professional approach and advice in all areas of safety and health at work.

Inspection of fire extinguishers

We provide to our clients the inspection of fire extinguishers, including replacement.

Safety markings

For our OSH and FP clients we provide safety signs, including installation.

Employee training

In addition to basic OSH and FP training, we also offer first aid training, training of reference vehicles, motor trucks, lifting equipment, pressure equipment, gas equipment, electrical equipment and others.

OSH and FP

OCcupational safety and health (OSH) and fire Protection (FP)

As an employer you have a number of obligations in the field of OSH and FP, and their responsible fulfillment no longer means only a "paper" fulfillment of their essence. Health and safety and FP is a broad and complex issue with a number of obligations that you as an employer must fulfill. We will help you find your way around it more easily and direct you to fulfilling your responsibilities so that you have as little worry as possible with them and can thus focus fully on your business.

We will help you build a functioning system of OSH and FP, which will ensure an adequate level of occupational safety for your employees. The significance of a comprehensive work safety system is to create such a work environment so that employees can perform their work safely and thus prevent possible accidents and the associated additional costs.

With us, you can rely on a professional approach and comprehensive solutions in all areas of occupational safety and health and fire protection.


We provide education and trainings on the basis of the certificate no. VVZ-0326 / 11-01.1 dated 11.11.2011 through the company BM plus, s.r.o. - member of group B·A·D - TeamPrevent. It also provides fire protection (FP) services through fire technicians.

Advantages of cooperation

Benefit from our strengths

  •     We minimize work accident rate
  •   √  We create favourable working conditions and improve the work environment
  •   √  We limit the negative effects of the work environment
  •   √  We are improving the safety system in the company
  •   √  Records of all trainings. Statistics are generated by client, trainer, period and the specific training
  •   √  Monitoring the periodicity of training
  •   √  Notification about a training in the form of a text message or generated e-mails
  •   √  Text messages and generated e-mails in Slovak or English language 

The basic documentation package contains


  • The concept of occupational safety policy and programs for its implementation
  • Identification of hazards and threats, risk assessment
  • Directives: directive on the identification of jobs and workplaces prohibited for pregnant women, mothers until the end of the ninth month after childbirth, breastfeeding women and a list of work for securing occupational safety and health, directive on the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the list of allocated PPE, directive on the determination of conditions related to smoking on company premises, directive on the identification of work and workplaces prohibited for juveniles and directive for minimum safety requirements for manual handling of loads, directive for minimum safety requirements at the workplace
  • Basic instructions for controlling the alcoholic beverages and other narcotics being illicitly brought to and consumed at the workplace 
  • Occupational safety status (basic instruction on occupational safety, obligations of employers, obligations of employees)
  • Instructions for determining the conditions of use of safety and health markings at work on the company premises
  • Minimum health and safety requirements for work with display units
  •  Traumatology plan


  • Fire identification card
  • Fire alarm directives
  • Fire evacuation plan - text part and graphic part
  • Workplace fire regulations
  • Fire regulations for the fire station
  • Directive on securing FP during non-working hours
  • Fire patrol training
  • Identification of places with an increased risk of fire

The basic package of activities contains


  • Entry and periodical inspections of workplaces in the field of occupational safety and health in accordance with valid legislation
  • Preventive inspections of the state of OSH, including the preparation of records and proposals for safety measures
  • Advice and timely information on legislative changes in the field of OSH
  • OSH trainings, verification of knowledge and their record-keeping
  • Drawing up of documentation and its continuous updating
  • Cooperation in keeping records of technical inspections and technical tests of dedicated technical equipment
  • Cooperation in the investigation and registration of accidents at work
  • Representation in front of state administration bodies in the field of labour inspection in the field of occupational safety and health and cooperation with the Labour Inspectorate


  • Carrying out preventive fire inspections in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Training fire alarm (within the planned performance of the fire technician)
  • Consultancy in the field of FP
  • Performing of trainings and professional trainings for FP, verification of knowledge and their record-keeping
  • Updating of the FP documentation
  • Entries in the fire book in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Securing FP material resources, prescribed inspections and revisions

Specialized trainings

In addition to basic OSH and FP trainings, we also offer:

  • First aid training
  • Training of reference vehicles
  • Motor trucks
  • Lifting devices
  • Pressure equipment
  • Gas equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • And other

Other services in the field of OSH and FP to order

  • Drawing up of operating instructions and other documentation 
  • Inspection of portable fire extinguishers and fire hydrants 
  • Delivery of products (fire extinguishers, fire hosepipes, ..)
  • Performance of revisions of dedicated technical equipment
  • Controls of alcohol and drugs outside the scheduled performance of the technician
  • Markings
  • Inspections of state authorities
  • And other