Occupational health service

• Supervision of working conditions

• Consultancy

• Medical examinations in relation to work

• Organization of medical examinations

Organization and ordering of

Medical examinations in relation to work

• Ordering provided through the Call Centre

• Contractual network in more than 100 locations in Slovakia

• Ordering medical examinations for a specific time slot

• Automatic sending of completed medical reports

• Notifications in the form of generated e-mails

Team of professionals

• Experts in the field of occupational hygiene and the work environment

• Preventive and clinical occupational medicine physicians

• Managers and their care for the daily needs of clients

Occupational health service (OHS)

Is the health of your employees important to you?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We provide a comprehensive system of occupational health service for employers throughout the Slovak Republic. We provide the employer with comprehensive professional services in the field of protection, support and development of health at work.

Rely on our professional approach and comprehensive solutions in all areas of the occupational health service.

The company TeamPrevent Santé s.r.o. is authorized to provide occupational health service (OHS) to the full extent based on the decision of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic no. OPPL-5000/2006-Oj of 8.8.2006. TeamPrevent Santé s.r.o. is the first licensed company in Slovakia.

What does OHS mean for you?

  • Supervision of working conditions
  • Assessment of medical fitness for work of employees by performing preventive medical examinations
  • Consultancy on the occupational health protection and the prevention of occupational diseases and illnesses related to work

How do you benefit from working with us?

In addition to your obligation as an employer to provide for supervision of the work environment and performance of preventive medical examinations in relation to work, cooperation with our OHS brings you:

  • Optimization of working conditions according to the recommendations of our public health professionals, so that the negative impact of work and the work environment on the health of your employees is minimized
  • Selection of only medically fit employees for a specific work position
  • Exclusion of medically unfit employees from a specific position in order to prevent further damage to their health due to work
  • Prevention of occupational diseases and the related costs
  • You do not have to keep in mind the fulfillment of legislative requirements, we will remind you of everything in time
  • Reduced costs for administrative activities related to the occupational health service
  • Representation and cooperation in communication with state supervisory authorities
  • Professional partner in solving any issues related to OHS

Advantages of cooperation

profit from our advantages

  • We command a quality contractual network of doctors and medical facilities in more than 100 locations in Slovakia 
  • The cornerstone of the TeamPrevent Santé contractual network are good relationships and a serious approach towards our contracted doctors. Through these good relationships we also, indirectly, approach our clients and strive for their maximum satisfaction. We are constantly expanding the contractual network - not only in terms of the territory, but also in terms of the quantity and quality of expertise we provide 
  • As a part of occupational health service, we provide our clients with occupational physicians and also thus, as necessary, with general practitioners, ophthalmologists (eye doctor), otorhinolaryngologists (ENT doctor), pulmonologists (pulmonary doctor), psychologists and other specialists as needed.
  • In addition to private physicians, we also work with several renowned hospitals and clinics throughout the Slovak Republic 


  • We have set up our own Call Centre for the organization of preventive medical examinations, occupational safety and health trainings and other trainings. In addition to telephone and e-mail communication, the activities of our operators are connected with the Corporate Zone and you can see details of the planned examination or training in an instant.
  • Organization of medical examinations in relation to work, documentation, general overview and much more information is available to our clients at any time thanks to the online application Corporate zone
  • Clients can use the application via a standard PC or a tablet with the Internet connection
  • All documents are stored and archived on a secured server, so our clients do not have to deal with their archiving on their PC or in a printed form. The main advantage is that they are available at all times and are secured against any unauthorized access
  • We offer occupational safety and health (OSH) training in the form of e-learning from professionals with many years of experience. The e-learning education has been created and is operated according to legislative requirements and is approved by the National Labour Inspectorate of the Slovak Republic. Our e-learning is a guarantee of effective education with interesting content.
  • We will organize preventive medical examinations (PMEs) in relation to work instead of you using our own Call Centre and internal system.
  • We perceive each individual as a client
  • Our own medical centres are specialized exclusively for the performance of PMEs, so you do not come into contact with sick people
  • We order the examinations for a specific time slot in an effort to minimize the time spent in the waiting room
  • Our contractual network of doctors will take you in with priority 
  • You will receive the exact information about the place, time and course of the PME by e-mail
  • E-mail and SMS notification so that you do not miss any scheduled action
  • You can contact our Call Centre at any time

We have more than 50 top-level professional employees consisting of:

  • A team of experts in the field of occupational hygiene and the work environment
  • Physicians of preventive and clinical occupational medicine
  • Authorized safety technicians and fire protection technicians 
  • Managers and their care for the daily needs of our clients