Corporate zone

The Corporate zone is specialized in recording and monitoring the periodicity of medical examinations, basic OSH and FP training, specialized trainings (motor trucks, work at heights, ...) and ordering for medical examinations and trainings.  Records of OHS, OSH and FP documentation, export of data from the system and other features are of course part of the corporate zone. Corporate zone is an online application that is available to every corporate client (OHS, OSH, FP).

Basic functions

Entering the request in the application will generate a request to provide a medical examination, training (or both at once) to the TeamPrevent Santé Call Centre; no e-mail or telephone communication is required.

The corporate zone application is the user interface of the WORK-FLOW system through which the Call Centre organizes medical examinations and trainings. After editing any data from the Call Centre, the client immediately sees the current data, including scheduled medical examination or training.


Records of planned and performed medical examinations and trainings.

Export of all data into the MS Office software (Excel).

The client has the ability to add, edit, delete employees in the system.

Corporate zone has both Slovak and English interface.

Monitoring the periodicity of medical examinations and trainings according to statutory periodicities.

It is possible to enter into the system any documentation related to OHS, OSH and FP, including categorizations of work activities, reports from health risk assessment, operating instructions, attendance documents from trainings and other documentation.

It is possible, in addition to the periodicity of the medical examination and training, to keep record in the application of other individual documentation of each employee separately.

An unlimited number of accesses can be created to the system.

The notice board informs the client about important legislative changes in the field of OHS, OSH and FP and serves as a tool for publishing regular monthly informative mailings (educational leaflets).